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How safe is this?

Very. If a picture is viewed by someone, it gets permanently deleted out of the database immediately. The database itself is protected by a strict firewall. Also, after applying the watermark, the original picture will get removed permanently.

Can you guarantee my pics won't leak?

No. There are several ways to overcome all the security measures I took. That's why it's so important to use a proper watermark, and make it unique for everyone you share pics with. If your pics get leaked, then you can at least tell you who did it. Removing a watermark is very difficult (but also not impossible!)

Why did you create this?

Some players of 3DXChat (including me...ahem) like to share real life pictures. But there's always a chance that the receiving end has bad intentions. I mean, it's the internet, in the end you cannot trust anyone. But sometimes the urge to share is greater than common sense, so by using this pic share service, you lower the chance a lot that your pics would get leaked.

Who is ColinDude?

Been around since January 2020, I have been creating all kinds of tools like the 3dchat-status.com site, the profile editor, the music request system, the discord bot.... I just like to contribute to 3DXChat in every way possible.

How did you create this?

I used the Symfony PHP framework, PHP 8, MariaDB, and a LOT of HTML, CSS and javascript.